6 Tips for Bringing Your Workouts Indoors

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gymThe heatwaves of summer are [hopefully] over and the temperatures are starting to cool. We all know what that means: winter is coming.

This winter promises to be a bear, so those of us who are avid outdoor exercisers even during the cooler months may need to bring our workouts inside. Indoor workouts don’t have to mean trudging along a treadmill (although if you need one we can help with that). This article from Active Times gave us some ideas as to how to bring our workouts indoors and enjoy them throughout the winter:

  1. Try a new type of gym – instead of going to a traditional gym, try out spinning or Crossfit. These new gyms are becoming increasingly popular and often give discounts to new visitors
  2. Join an indoor sports league – these are great not only for staying in shape, but staying social
  3. Download an App – there are thousands of apps that can give you a customized workout, track your progress, and more
  4. Transition Wisely – take it easy whenever stating anything new. For example, running on a treadmill is very different than running outdoors
  5. Plan it out – it’s best to have a goal in mind and use a gym or fitness class to achieve those goals
  6. Make a great playlist – music may be your best motivational tool and will keep indoor workouts exciting

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