5 Must Haves for Your Telehealth Visit

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5 Must Haves for Your Telehealth Visit

With the ongoing events of COVID-19, many people are unable to visit their respective health care provider in person.  However, telehealth has been an available platform for individuals to receive high quality care. Perhaps, telehealth will be incorporated for the unforeseeable future.  The mentioned products below can help you succeed, so you can remain active and promote a healthy lifestyle.  

Resistance Bands

1. Resistance Bands

CanDo® exercise bands are perfect for rehabilitation, fitness, physical therapy and athletic training. Additionally, they are great for anyone using them for stretching, muscle toning, improving balance and conditioning all major muscle groups. So versatile, these bands are great for upper and lower body exercises that are simple, easy to do and can be performed anywhere. Lightweight, compact and portable, the high quality and superior characteristics of these bands are why they are used in physical therapy and athletic training by clinics, fitness centers and individuals nationwide.

Free Weights

2. Free Weights

CanDo® vinyl coated dumbbells are made of cast iron and are conveniently color-coded according to how much they weigh. These dumbbells feature a vinyl coating which is comfortable to grip and does not allow the dumbbells to scratch the flooring. They are ideal to use for upper body exercises, physical therapy, and strength training.  Cuff weights are a great option to perform upper and lower extremity exercises. It contours to snuggly fit the ankle, wrist, and even thigh. Its long closure strap assures a secure and comfortable fit even during the most strenuous exercise program. 

Foam Roller

3. Foam Roller

The CanDo® foam roller is ideal for muscle restoration, massage therapy, sport recovery and physical therapy. This is the perfect tool to use following intensive workouts, like CrossFit, yoga, Pilates, weight training, bodybuilding and even dance. As seen in physical therapy offices and gyms nationwide, this foam roller is ideal for stretching and rehabilitation. Foam rolling can be beneficial before participating in your workout, to improve blood flow and mobility. You can also use it for a deep tissue massage after an intensive workout to gain much needed relief.

Stretching Strap

4. Stretching Strap

The CanDo® elastic stretch strap is the strap that stretches as you stretch. It is made with elastic pockets that allow the user to ease into a stretch. The CanDo® stretch strap permits dynamic rather than static stretching. The strap is designed for facilitated stretching, an active form of stretching that uses isometric contractions to achieve greater flexibility gains than from static stretching. 

Floor Mat

5. Floor Mat

The CanDo® Yoga Mat is lightweight, yet cushioned and strong-mat offers extra padding with the convenience of being thin enough to roll-up and take anywhere! This can be useful for performing floor exercises. Mats roll up into compact roll to fit in gym bag.

Make sure to consult with your healthcare provider to ensure you are medically cleared to participate in any exercise program.  

Article Written By Eric Trauber, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS, FAAOMPT