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TOGU®’s air-filled training and therapy tools have been manufactured in Germany for more then 60 years. As the inventor and original patent holder of ABS® Anti-Burst ball technology, TOGU® has revolutionized the inflatables industry.

Products featured in the above playlists:

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  1. TOGU® Aero-Step
  2. TOGU® Jumper
  3. TOGU® Balanza Ballstep
  4. TOGU® Balanza Freeride
  5. TOGU® Balanza
  6. TOGU® Bodybone
  7. TOGU® Body Roll
  8. TOGU® Bonito
  9. TOGU® Dynair Pads (Senso Vein Trainer)
  10. TOGU® Dynair Wedge Premium
  11. TOGU® Relax-Nex
  12. TOGU® Knobbed Ball and Roll
  13. TOGU® Moonhopper
  14. TOGU® Multiroll Functional Roller
  15. TOGU® Powerball Premium ABS
  16. TOGU® Powerball ABS
  17. TOGU® Pendel Ball ABS
  18. TOGU® Yoga Balance Cushion