Selection of Allen diagnostic tools and reference guides.
    The Corbett Targeted Coin Test Box assess palm to fingertip In-Hand Manipulation (IHM). The test requires translating coins from palm to fingertips before coin insertion in vertically as well as randomly positioned slots. This skill requires a more complex visual-motor, differential tendon glide and proprioceptive coordination than most pegboards tests. Clinicians can observe recovery of shift, rotation and translation of IHM of their patients. With qualitative and quantitative reporting, clinicians can assess Fine Motor Manipulation (FMM) and Dart Thrower's Motion (DTM). This consistent and convenient test box is easy to clean. It relates to meaningful manipulatives such as coins, buttons, earrings, bingo chips, snack foods.
    The Jebsen-Taylor Hand Function Test is a seven-part test that evaluates a broad range of hand functions used in daily activities. Conduct this test using common items such as paper clips, cans or pencils. Included are instructions and all items needed to perform seven subtests.