Make "do-it-yourself" bibs out of napkins, towels, plastic film, or other materials. Consists of braided nylon cord with a spring tension pinch clip at each end long version has a sliding plastic bead to make it length adjustable.
    Finger Loop utensils have the look and feel of traditional utensils. Designed for people with little to no grip strength. User places finger or thumb through the loop and stabilizes the utensil with the palm. Vinyl coated handles. Dishwasher safe.
    Good Grips utensil handles are easy to hold. Forks and spoons have twist in the shaft to allow bending at any angle. Sample kit includes a fork, small spoon, teaspoon, tablespoon and rocker knife. Institutional dishwasher safe.
    Set of 4 universal built-up handles. Cutlery sold separately. Ergonomic, soft, ribbed built-up handle makes daily activities easier. Instantly creates larger gripping surface. 1-3/4" (4.4cm) diameter accommodates utensils with widths from ¼"-1" (.64-2.54cm). These handles can also be used with every-day items such as pens, tooth brushes and knitting needles. Handles are dishwasher safe.
    Make mealtime easier with EZ Grip Weighted Utensils! EZ Grip gives individuals, who struggle with regular utensils, the added independence when eating their favorite meals.
    Soft foam Built-Up handle provides easy grasp for those with arthritis or limited hand involvement. Foam handle may be removed when grasp improves.