3-Point Products' line of finger splints treat a variety of conditions including mallet finger, arthritis, swan neck deformity and post-surgery contractures.
    3-Point Products selection of comfortable and functional thumb braces and splints to relieve the pain from arthritis or tendinitis. Use these thumb splints to rest a sprain or protect a fracture.
    3-Point Products selection of effective and comfortable wrist and elbow splints below to treat conditions from carpal tunnel to tendinitis, sprains to TFCC, tennis elbow to golfer’s elbow.
    3-Point Products selection of foot and toe splints to help with hammertoes, bunions and plantar fasciitis. Made from soft, comfortable and breathable material.
    Use these heat guns to modify or custom fit thermoplastic splints and materials.
    3-Point Products selection of gel Tubes and packs ease pressure and friction on fingers and toes and help scar management.