Basic Life Support offers great training for first aiders with an extensive range of CPR simulators. They are designed with life-like features and durable construction for long-term use. Each simulator enables hands-on practice for every student and gives different types of direct feedback. CPR Lilly is suited for the evaluation of the trainee's CPR performance using direct feedback, while Basic Billy are used for larger group trainings.
    The Clinical Skills Trainers increases focus on building competency in clinical skills and diagnostic procedures. Simulation training has proven effective to link theoretical medical student training and clinical experience and is used to demonstrate, practice and assess clinical skills. Manikins, trainers and simulators offer unique direct feedback to immediately brief the trainee about his or her performance. The feedback is then used in the following training sessions to correct and improve the clinical techniques.
    Nursing Skills and Patient Care offers an extensive range of patient care simulators and nursing skill trainers for basic to advanced patient care training of medical staff. Improve patient safety and ensure consistent quality of patient care by letting trainees practice their skills on simulators with direct feedback.
    Obstetric is an effective tool to improve obstetric knowledge, technical skills, team work and structured communication and is used in obstetric emergency skill training programs. Obstetric deals with childbirth from pregnancy to birth and the postpartum period. The simulation is used to practice delivery skills and emergency interventions to lower the mortality rate during birth. The scenario based obstetric training includes normal deliveries, common complications during delivery, as well as obstetric emergencies.