The Relief-Pak Cold n' Hot Compress has a comfortable soft fabric that conforms to the curves of your skin. Fabric is gentle on the skin, frost-free, and washable. Put the pack in microwave or chill in freezer. When heated, soothes discomfort from stiff neck, backache, arthritis, sprains and bruises. When chilled, soothes discomfort from injury, sprains and strains, muscle soreness, bruises, swelling and tension headaches. The non-toxic, non-crystallizing gel allows pack to contour and stay pliable when heated or chilled. The pack can be used with standard Velcro hook to hold pack in place.
    Relief Pak Cold and Hot Donut Compression Sleeve compress offers heat therapy, cold therapy and compression. The roll-on pack is easy to apply and stays in place without straps. The pack provides cold or hot treatment to soothe discomfort from arthritis, sprains, strains, bruises and swelling. Simply heat pack in microwave to make warm, or chill in freezer to make cool. Each pack comes with a compression sleeve to wear between the pack and your skin. Pack is non-toxic.
    Economic pack that can be heated in the microwave or chilled in the freezer.
    Flexi-PAC hot and cold compress can be microwaved to provide soothing heat or chilled in freezer to provide penetrating cold therapy. The Flexi-PAC is a non-toxic flexible gel pack that conforms to your body.
    ThermalSoft hot and cold compress are re-usable packs that provide both hot and cold therapy.
    Relief Pak Cold n' Hot Elastomer wraps and pads are supple enough to contour to the applied location. They can be chilled or heated to be used as a cold or hot pack. Non-toxic material maintains its flexibility even when below freezing. The elastomer wraps and pads provide a convenient way to position and apply cold or hot therapy. The tough, flexible gel, specially selected fabric and hook/loop straps provide an exceptionally durable product. The deluxe wrap allows cold or heat to reach the affected areas. They stretch cover allows conformity, heat transfer and comfort. These packs can be heated in the microwave but do not try to heat them in water.
    Torex is innovative with its hot/cold therapy because of its advanced materials and patented designs. These hot/cold therapy sleeves help improve lives by increasing the ease and effectiveness of the therapy when applied.
    From Tiger Tail, a pioneer in the field of muscle recovery and massage, come Hot/Cold Bags. These simple, yet effective tools are the latest weapons to relieve sore muscles, soothe minor muscle pains and alleviate cramping, stress and tension. Designed to deliver heat or cold therapy to any part of the body quickly and easily, the bags conform to all body curves to offer relief to heads, necks, backs, shoulders, arms, elbows, knees, shins, calves and other muscle groups. Great for massage therapy, physical therapy, chiropractic care and post-surgical care. The Tiger Tail Hot/Cold Bags are Hypoallergenic, Latex-free and odor-free.
    Provides a hands-free ice and heat therapy solution that allows portability and mobility before, during and after physical activity. The wrap system conforms to fit where treatment is needed - suitable for a wide variety of targeted body areas. Adjust the fit of the wrap to add appropriate and comfortable compression, allowing for a customized treatment regimen. Both the included heat and ice packs are reusable and stay hotter and colder longer. An insulated pocket on the wrap protects the skin from the extreme temperatures of the packs.
    CorPaks Hot or Cold Therapy Packs are a versatile solution to help relieve headaches, ease pain, and help reduce inflammation associated with strains, sprains, and other soft tissue injuries.